What Services are provided by WCDC?


  1. Unscheduled care – out of hours, emergency dental care. Service for anyone not registered with a dentist (Biggest part of contract)
  2. Orthodontics (referral only) – Bodmin, Newquay, Falmouth, Camborne and Helston.
  3. Minor Oral Surgery (referral only) – Bodmin only
  4. Special Care Dentistry – Community dental service (part referral, part retained). Patients are referred by others – schools, social workers etc. This service is for patients with specialist needs and difficulties and covers the following areas:
  • Special Care
  • General Anaesthetic Contract
  • Paediatric extractions (only extractions)
  • Paediatric special GA (special care children for fillings needing GA)
  • Adult special GA